Heating Industry Certified Data For Your Service Operation

PartsArena Data Services offers you a flexible approach to obtaining vast appliance and parts information

Infomill’s PartsArena database is the most comprehensive heating appliance and part data library available in the UK. We can supply the data to organisations who would like to utilise the information outside of our usual PartsArena platform.

Having access to this data could make your organisation more efficient

  • Create a concise database of your own
  • Help manage van stock
  • Populate order requests accurately
  • Reduce technical queries
  • Align with asset information


Available to heating companies, parts stockists, field software vendors


  • Manufacturer/Model
  • GC codes
  • Parts lists
  • Part information
  • Part images
  • Exploded diagrams

The PartsArena database is available via file transfer or web services.

To find out more, please contact Alison Chappell on 01332 253172 or 07742 310931 Alison.chappell@infomill.com or use our contact us form.